Gone are the days when sports bars were only about catching a game and heading home for the night. We now have lots of activities which you can enjoy before, during and after the game to make your experience more satisfactory.

Over time, we have seen bands grow to dominate the international scene and guess where these fantastic musicians start off? At sports bars and other such joints all over the world where they finally get the bravery to spread their wings and fly. As such, we offer such budding musicians an environment where they can entertain guests and learn from their performances as they get into the industry.

This night caters to the needs of musicians starting off in the industry where they get to do covers of different songs as they appreciate constructive criticism from the crowd. As a budding musician, you can take hold of this opportunity and register to perform on select nights which we set aside for young musicians.

This event takes place twice a week, and we often have contests where all musicians in this category come together and put on a show, and the crowd gets to take their pick. After the talent night, we have karaoke sessions which are an excellent opportunity for people to sing along to their favorite tunes without having to worry about carrying a song.

You might even discover that you have musical talent during such gigs and could end up starting a career along this direction. Drop in for one such night, and you will find yourself coming back for more.

We all love a good laugh and thanks to our weekly comedy night; you can get to unwind as you listen to some good humor. On such nights, we have comedians come up with jokes to tell the crowd, and some of them are interactive. The experiences are exciting and often, we get to discover that one of the comedians has talent that can push them to the next level.

Now and then, we get renowned comedians to put on a show for a packed house and get to have a good laugh after a great sports game. Be sure to drop in and listen to jokes that will have you reeling in laughter.

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    They had a great atmosphere, wonderful service, live music and the best beef stew we've ever had


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    I highly recommend this place if it's your first in UK. It was packed when we got there and were told it'd be a a half hour wait but we ended up being seated in a few minutes. There was live band and dancing which was awesome. The food and drinks were the best.


We also have bands such as the Remote Doors, the Biggest Believers and the Blue Birds who all have a large following and perform at the bar on regular bases. Drop in and catch one of these events where you can interact with other people before or after you watch a game.

These events enable us to bring our fans together in a friendly environment where they can have fun and be part of the larger family that is Q Grill Sports Bar. We look forward to seeing you soon and who knows? Maybe you could end up wowing us at our karaoke fests and bagging the top prize.