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Welcome to Q Grill Sports Bar

where every seat is the best seat


Welcome to Q Grill where we provide a warm ambiance where you can enjoy a drink as our attentive and professional staff wait on you. The bar has adequate space to host social events, dinners, drinks and work activities. We have numerous power points which you can use to charge your laptops and what’s more, we have free Wi-Fi. As such, you can feel free to sip your drink as you tap away on your computer while catching a game in a serene environment.

When it comes to fabulous food, no sports bar does it better than us. We have a wide range of fresh ingredients from which you can choose, and the chef will make a fantastic meal from your combo. We have an open kitchen, and you get to watch the pieces come together if you wish to do so. It creates a great break from the ongoing games as you get a chance to dig into some exotic delicacies.

  • world-cup

    is fast approaching and with it comes the need for a great sports bar where you can chill and grab a drink as you cheer on your favorite team. Sports bars will be teeming with fans from all over the world angling to catch all the exciting moments in the game. And Q Grill will not be left behind in all this excitement as we have also upped our game to bring you these fantastic World Cup Games in HD.

  • beer-nights

    we offer a great atmosphere in which families can relax, and we top it off with a traditional roast dinner such that you can drop in, watch a meal while eating and leave feeling satisfied. We have a broad selection of drinks ranging from cocktails to wines to lagers to cask ales all the way to spirits. Whatever your poison of choice, we have it in stock. We price our beers differently, and as such, we can cater to the needs of each person who walks through our doors.

We offer spaces for events such as corporate events, hen parties, birthdays as well as any type of get-together. To book an area for a corporate event, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps in our online guide where you specify the kind of party, the number of guests you wish to have and the date of the event. Our events organizer will then liaise with you regarding the drinks and food that you would like served on that day.

You can also drop in physically and go over the details with our organizer who will ensure that all your requirements are in place on the day of the event. We are a favorite spot for all kinds of occasions thanks to our vast spaces, fantastic food, and great entertainment activities. Book a space with us today and get to celebrate your milestones in a lively environment. We also offer discounts on selected days so be sure to call and ask when you can get a reduced price.

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Great service at every stage

Once you walk through our doors, we strive to cater to your needs by ensuring that the game is on before it begins such that you can get settled in fast. We also label the televisions based on the sports games playing, and as such, you need not struggle to find a suitable seat.

From bar games to hosting events to great food all the way to impeccable service, we have it all. We look forward to waiting on you soon at Q Grill Sports Bar, Your Quarndon Sports Bar. Visit us today as we gear up for the World Cup and experience Sports Games like never before.